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Bathroom Water Damage Repair Service

Has your bathtub overflowed? Has your toilet been leaking? Have you noticed warping in your bathroom walls? It is no secret that your bathroom is the dampest area in your home, and it is also one of the most common places to suffer from water damage. If you suspect that you need a bathroom water damage repair in Lakeville, MN, call the professionals from Wikstrom Construction.

Our team has handled a wide array of bathroom water damage repair jobs for homeowners throughout the area. Count on us to locate the source of the problem, fix it, and repair any issues associated with the water damage. Commercial bathroom water damage repair is also available.

Use Our Bathroom Water Damage Service For Repairs

Bathroom water damage is a frequent problem many homeowners face. Little tiny leaks or drips may seem insignificant; however, your drywall and sub flooring are soaking up the water, which will cause warping or, even worse, failure. Let our team provide you with the complete and affordable bathroom water damage service you need to restore the damage and your bathroom.

Our professionals are experienced and skilled in all aspects of restroom water damage repair work. When you choose our bathroom water damage company for a restoration, we will prepare the room for the job. Prep work often includes:

Removing Toilet
Disconnecting Water Lines
Removing Bathroom Cabinets
Removing Damaged Flooring

After completing all the needed prep work, our bathroom water damage contractor doesn't stop there. We tackle all the restoration work and give you a like-new, damage-free bathroom in no time. Some of the repairs include:

• Repairing the Sub Flooring
• Repairing & Repainting the Drywall
• Replacing Warped Walls & Flooring
• Addressing Mold & Mildew Issues
• Reinstalling the Toilet
• Replacing Old Vanity

Bathroom Water Damage Repair in Lakeville, MN

Our Bathroom Water Damage Company Is Ready to Serve

Many homeowners don't even know that water damage has occurred until there is a major issue, such as failing floors. Others do a quick cosmetic fix to hide the issue. Don't settle for a temporary fix that won't solve the problem. A cosmetic repair may seem like the most affordable solution, but it won't seem so when you're faced with expensive structural damage. Mold is another cause for concern. Moist or damp areas provide the ideal environment for mold growth, and you may not even know it's there! Prolonged mold exposure can lead to serious health issues.

Rely on our bathroom water damage company for the services you need. We will create a repair plan to detect the cause of the problem. Once we've fixed the cause of the water damage, we will look for damage elsewhere to prevent costly issues in the future.

Contact us to make your bathroom new again. We offer complete repair work to homeowners in Lakeville, Burnsville, Eagan, Apple Valley, and Savage, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas.